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Reply to classmates’ threads, each reply must be 200 words. Use references to support your assertions, using citations in current APA format.
Student Reply 1 (Hannah)
At the beginning of this course, I had a somewhat fuzzy understanding of the process that was involved in applied research. While I had read several applied research studies and understood the basic premise of such research, my knowledge of this process has grown and expanded exponentially as a result of completing this course. Effective applied research is specific and focuses on a problem in which the scope of the research is feasible and reasonable (Claxton & Michael, 2020). Maintaining this singular focus was one of the most challenging elements of applied research. When writing the problem statement, it took intentional effort to decide on a problem to study that would have an overarching positive effect on the school while also benefit the individual students. Moreover, while writing the interview and Likert scale survey questions, it was difficult to narrow the focus down and ensure the questions would provide valuable information needed to solve the stated problem. In order to overcome this challenge, I did quite a bit of study on effective problem statements and questions. I wrote and revised questions and withheld my inner desire to “solve all of the world’s problems” in one research study. Matthew 17:20 encourages believers that “if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to a mountain, ‘move from here to there,’ and it will move…” (New American Standard Bible, 1960/1995). While the context of this verse is not referring to applied research studies, the idea that even a small study can have long-lasting effects can be gleaned.
Another element of applied research that was time-consuming, but not overtly challenging, was the transcription of the interview. Though this task did not require the researcher to produce individual thoughts, it did take meticulous effort to transcribe the words of others. Clear and accurate documentation and note-taking are essential to contributing to producing valid and reliable results in a research study (Claxton & Michael, 2020). Thus, it was vital that the transcription be correct and be a replica of what was actually said in the interview. My interviewee for this assignment was a great resource; however, I could see where this task could easily be more difficult depending on the individual interviewed. In the future, it might be helpful to use a talk-to-text app or computer extension as part of the recording process. This would provide a rough draft for the researcher to use as a starting point in the transcription process.
Claxton, B. L., & Michael, K. Y. (2020). Conducting applied research in education. Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.
New American Standard Bible. (1995). Zondervan. (Original work published 1960).
Student Reply 2 (Brianna)
My stance on applied research is that it is an educational tool that can provide solutions to many different issues that can hinder student success. I have learned through many courses thus far in my doctoral journey that it is through the research that support is created. Without trusted references, your research could be unfounded, which would then cause the legitimacy of your paper to be compromised (Claxton, 2020). When completing the assignments in this course, the biggest challenge for my topic was the literature review research. I found that my initial focus was too broad which caused my articles to hold little information on a possible solution. Deciding which peer-reviewed articles to analyze information to better understand my topic proved to be a struggle. Ensuring the research question be the main focus of the gathered information was difficult with all the options available for study. Using the Liberty University Library resources from the start of my doctorate journey continues to provide me with references from legitimate sources. Through this course, I was able to strengthen my research towards a possible solution instead of just finding articles that proved my issue existed.
Through the journey towards my doctorate, I find myself questioning the why behind my wanting to start this process with so many unknowns in my current career. Being in a military family, many moves are to come in my future that could derail or deter my completion of this process at any time. In researching verses for this assignment, I was drawn to a verse that gives me solace in the unknowns I will face. Proverbs 3 verses 5-6 states “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths” (King James Bible 1769/2017). If I keep the faith in knowing that the introduction of this path was not a mistake but by design calms my anxieties about the possibility of its completion. Having to investigate past my knowledge will deepen my understanding of my topic and the process needed to possibly find a solution. Both are important in the continuation of my career in education if I am to become a credible trainer of future and current teachers. Keeping faith in what is to come in my career and home life will only ease the process to the completion of this degree and what it leads to next.
Claxton, B. L., & Michael, K. Y. (2020). Conducting applied research in education. Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.
King James Bible. (2017). King James Bible Online. (Original work published 1769)


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