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Area of Inquiry…Area of inquiry 1 Music for sociocultural and political expression
Definition of the Area of I
Name of your song
Context of Composer 1 sentence
Mention history of genre or style 1 good sentence
Now talk your song example
“This performance was recorded….bla bla…1-2 sentences max”
The inspiration of the song, or a brief contextual anecdote.  Exemplar says something about song being inspired by composer’s daughter
Next paragraph….next bubble
Elements of music…time to shine or die
Form…no brainer….terms must include strophic, ternary , binary, rondo
Tempo…in Italian please…..not written…..on score?  Tough…..tap your foot, go to an online metronome…find BPM beats per minute and find the ITALIAN WORD that is the equivalent of that number
Time signature
Texture…..TERMS polyphony, monophonic, heterophonic homophonic say the word and then describe it a bit at a basic level….WHAT instruments are blending etc.
Tonality…..key it’s in   MAJOR OR MINOROR WHAT?  Mention the key signature….MAKE SURE YOU’ve got it right……example one # is key of G major
Ask yourself

  1. Does it sound happy (probably g major)
  2. Melody have a lot of G triad notes. Chord notes G B D F# prob G major
  3. Does the last note in the bass  or lowest instrument end in G? Yes..good
  4. If these don’t happen, you are probably in the relative minor which in this case would be E minor
  5. ALWAYS look at the bassists’ final note.

How song ends….
muisic piece


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