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Directions please read the following client interview carefully. It is best to number each question that you are addressing.
Counselor: “During our last session, you mentioned that you are the custodial caregiver of your grandchildren, tell me about the events that led up to you having the kids live in your home.”
Mary Sue:  “My daughter has been on and off drugs since she was a teenager.  She has had relationships with many people who were involved in drugs, alcohol, and criminal activity.  My grandchildren have been in-and-out of my home since they were born because my daughter lived with me until the oldest one was four years old.  Both children’s fathers are in jail and will not be getting out for quite some time.  Finally, about three years ago, my daughter brought the children to me.  She stated that her current boyfriend had threatened to kill her and if the children were around, he would kill them too.   She was afraid.  I told her that they could come and stay with me but I wanted her to sign over custody so I could make decisions for them.  She agreed and within 30 days, I had permanent custody of a 9-year old girl and a 6-year old boy.  Most of my friends think I am crazy.  They ask what a 78-year old single lady is doing raising young children again.  They also question whether I can deal with the changes in parenting and education changes that have occurred since I had my first child 60 years ago.  It is not easy, but I am willing to learn.  Since taking custody of the kids, I have been reinvigorated.  I have a reason to get up in the morning.  I am active and even when zip-lining with them a few weeks ago.  My daughter and I still communicate, and she visits the kids from time-to-time.  I experience a lot of guilt over how she turned out and I constantly wonder if I could have been a better parent.  Maybe if I had done this or that she could have been a better person, a better parent.”
Before responding to the prompts below, review power point slides 6 & 7.  Based on your reading this week and the client session above, complete the following:

  1. One skill that the counselor can use to focus the session is immediacy.  Construct and immediacy statement or question that can help Mary Sue focus on the here-and-now.
  2. Based on the case study, identify the two issues you would focus on first with Mary Sue.  Explain why you chose these issues within the context of Mary Sue’s mental, emotional, and psychological well-being.
  3. Briefly discuss (1-2 paragraphs) how a family genogram could be useful to for both the counselor and Mary Sue.

In order to adequately complete this discussion assignment, you MUST consult and cite one peer-reviewed article in prompt #3.  You must respond to ALL three prompts thoroughly.


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