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Students learn in a variety of settings and environments. Group   learning creates an environment of engagement and motivation. It gives   students a chance to learn from each other in a cooperative learning   setting. The arrangement and layout of the classroom should provide   opportunities to work productively and cooperatively to achieve   learning goals.
For this assignment, you will design a classroom arrangement for   your selected grade level and the students outlined in the   “Class Profile.”  Consider your experiences in your   field experience classroom, and conduct an Internet search to identify   a variety of classroom environments. Take note of the materials found   in each environment and the physical arrangement of the classrooms.   Use one of the classroom design websites in Topic Materials to design   your classroom. Your design should create a learning environment that   focuses on creating opportunities for group and cooperative learning.
Your classroom design should include:

  • Classroom layout (i.e., where the desks/tables will be placed)     that facilitates group learning.
  • Resources and     technological tools, and where they will be located.
  • Traffic flow consistent with age-appropriate physical and social   development.
  • Equal access to the room’s resources and     technological tools for students of all ability levels.

In addition, write a 200-300 word rationale that explains how the   classroom arrangement:

  • Minimizes distractions and maximizes classroom time and space     to facilitate students working productively.
  • Encourages     cooperative learning groups that foster respectful and safe     communication to cooperatively achieve learning   goals.


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