Education homework help

Education homework help.

Assignment: Discussion Question

The goal of descriptive writing is to create an experience. If you have had a great dinner at a new restaurant, you might tell your friends about everything from how the restaurant looked to how each bite tasted. When you go get your hair cut or to the beauty shop, you might describe the style you want. In these situations, you try to use the right words to paint a specific picture for your audience.
Discussion Question:
Describe your feelings when you made some sort of move in your life: a change of jobs, homes, vacation spots, schools, etc. Choose a dominant impression, and then use carefully chosen details to communicate that impression.  What were your first reactions? How did these emotions change with time?
Your discussion grade will be based on the thoroughness, accuracy, and insightful response; also, your use of correct spelling, grammar and sentence structure and paragraph format. Develop at least the minimum word count of 350 words. Should include an introduction paragraph, one body paragraph, and a concluding paragraph; use at least 12-inch font, times new roman, indent your paragraphs, and double space the document.

Education homework help


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