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Guidelines for the Comprehensive Essay
20 pts. total. Due Monday March 16 by 11:59 p.m.
Word count: write between 1500 and 2500 words.  Falling below 1500 words will result in an automatic 5 pt. reduction.

  1. Mechanical Features (5 pts.)
  2. font: Times New Roman 12 pt. Use whatever spacing you like, single or double.
  3. page numbers: the pages of your essay should be numbered, but no page number on the first page. (how to avoid a page number on the first page: in Word, at the top of the document click “Insert”; then click “Page Number”; a drop down menu will appear; click “Page Number” in the drop down menu; uncheck the box next to “Show number on first page.”)
  4. citations: see In-Text Citation Checklist. Failure to use a sufficient number of citations will result in an automatic 5 pt. reduction. Failure to employ in-text citation correctly will result in a loss of 1 pt. for each incorrect citation, though you can lose no more than 5 pts. total for incorrect citation.
  5. works cited page. This page will be the separate, final page of your essay, and it should list all the readings you reference in your essay. At the top of the page, you should have the title, Works Cited, centered and in bold, and you should list the works below, left justified, in alphabetical order.  See the “Works Cited List” document for a sample of what a Works Cited page looks like as well as for a list of all the readings, videos, and links.  Simply cut and paste from this document to construct your own personalized Works Cited page.


  1. Structural Features (5 pts.)
  2. substantive title: be as specific as you can with your title. Definitely do not entitle your essay something like, Education and the Good Life (you should put your title in bold).
  3. two component introduction:
  4. first, you should have a statement of topic: “In what, follows I discuss x” where x is some statement or statements that encapsulate what you discuss in the essay.
  5. second, you should have a statement of structure: “I begin with a. I then move to b…I conclude with c.” See “Sample Introductions and Conclusions” document.
  6. substantive section headings that correspond to your statement of structure. Section headings should be numbered and also put in italics, and in something like the following manner: 3. Race and Autonomy in the Native Mascot Controversy
  7. conclusion: you should summarize your account in new language and in a way that wraps things up. Do not simply repeat your introduction. See the “Sample Introductions and Conclusions” document.


  1. Content (10 pts.)

We will be grading on the following general components:

  1. thorough and explicit description of what the good life and/or good society is.
  2. thorough and explicit description of the curriculum, pedagogy, and policy instrumental to the achievement of the good life and/or good society as well as some indication, in particular, of how it is that the curriculum, pedagogy, or policy produces the good life and/or good society you describe.
  3. relevant inclusion of a specific opinion or personal experience. Incorporate at least one opinion or personal experience that is relevant to the topic you are discussing. You may, of course, pull from your research and reflection assignments.  You may also incorporate more than one relevant opinion or personal experience, but no more than three.  Failure to incorporate a relevant opinion or personal experience will result in a loss of 2 pts.  Alternatively, a paper which is all opinion and personal experience, showing little to no engagement with the formal content of the course (readings, videos, class discussions), will result in an automatic loss of 7 pts.

Ultimately, the minimum requirement suggests that you must incorporate at least 5 readings total, 2 videos, and 3 different peer views from 3 different peers into your essay.  Recall, however, the “above and beyond” clause we discussed in class.  If you would like to be eligible for the grade range 17 – 20 for this essay, you must do more than the minimum in at least two categories.  For example, an essay that incorporates 6 readings and 4 peer views will be eligible for a grade 17 – 20.  Sticking to the minimum (5 readings total, 2 videos, and 3 different peer views from 3 different peers into your essay), by contrast, means that the highest grade you can get is a 16.
[Note: no one has expressed interest in the dialogue option, so I have not included it here.  If you want to discuss this option, contact me:]


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