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For this discussion, choose a content area of interest such math, reading, writing, art, music, developmental play, science, etc. Select one tool that you will use to create a project to share with families on your chosen content topic

  • All of these tools (webpage, bulletin board, or traveling backpack) support active communication and engaging family partnerships.

Be sure you meet the following requirements in your discussion, including text and an attachment for your discussion.
As an attachment to the discussion forum:

  • Develop your tool, including the content theme you selected, by utilizing one of the following:
    • Electronic Communication (i.e. Blog or video): Develop and share a link to a form of electronic communication you created.
    • OR
    • Traveling Backpack (Links to an external site.): Develop and share a photograph or visual of the traveling backpack you created.

In the discussion forum:

  • Describe the tool (webpage, bulletin board, or traveling backpack) you have selected and why you feel it is valuable to use with families in your classroom.
  • Explicitly state the purpose of your communication with families.
  • Explain why you chose the contents and information included in your communication.


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