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#1:     A B
Strategies to help your students grow
What are some strategies you can use as a teacher to help your students grow and move across the cultural competence continuum? Provide at least three specific classroom- or school-based examples.
#2:     Am B
Are the students “miseducated”?
How are European American students miseducated if they are not exposed to a multi-cultural curriculum? How are males miseducated if they do not learn about women in history? How have you been miseducated? Give some concrete examples.
#3:     CH
Hello Professor and Class,
As a teacher, it will be my job to cultivate ideas, encourage and respect diversity, and create a safe space for my students. In order to differentiate for the culturally diverse students in my classroom, I will go above and beyond their expectations by taking the time to get to know and respect the different cultures, whether it be a foreign exchange student or a transgender student. It is in these regards that I will create a positive classroom environment and help to educate my students on differences where it is applicable. Since I am going to be an English teacher, I want to incorporate reading materials that are of different cultures (and subcultures) and have class discussions about them. This way everyone learns many things which is important. I will not be compromising my personal values or spiritual beliefs because they are what drives me to do better, to be better. The Professional Dispositions of Learners says it best when it talks about having respect for the diversity of others (GCU, 2020) and being compassionate and supportive tie into that. When I start teaching, I want my students to know they can trust me not to disrespect them, be supportive in anyway I can while maintaining professionality, and to be compassionate to their needs. As a Christian, I feel this is in part my duty and it will help me keep the focus I need to do the best I can for my students.
Grand Canyon University. 2020. Professional dispositions of learners. Retrieved from.
#4:     M Ba
There are many ways to create a learning environment that celebrates diversity and acceptance. Some ways to manage diversity in the classroom are: Learning proper pronunciation of your students, choosing lesson text that incorporate the various demographics of the students and allowing for conversation within the lessons, allowing students to share about their culture/race/religion, the way we set up our classroom so that students are allowed to interact and learn with and from one another, and in my opinion the most important is learning the demographics of the community that you teach in, to allow you to have a better understanding of the students and families that you will be teaching.
I believe that having open conversation, sharing spotlight activities/opportunities, and an open-door policy for parents/guardians to come in and share will encourage a supportive, compassionate, and caring learning environment for all students and staff. This allows for students to become active listeners and well rounded communicators
part 2
#5:      Aman Br
Your ability to respect others
Reflect on your current ability to respect your future students, their parents, and your colleagues who have different personal backgrounds and various skills, abilities, perspectives, talents, and interests from your own. Are there any biases or blind spots you need to consider before entering the classroom?
#6:      mand B
Oh, the budget cuts…
Many schools respond to test preparation and budget constraints by cutting programming that supports students’ multiple ways of knowing and expressing, such as art, music, dance, drama, clothing design, cooking, physical education, technology curriculum, theater, and so on. What are some of the cultural implications of these cuts? How do these cuts affect our ability to improve social justice?
#7:      N M
The educator should certainly share this information with the child’s parents or guardian, these people have the right to know what is happening with their child. In addition, the educator should speak privately with the principal and school counselor. As an educator, the responsibility to the profession and students and school community are each an area of relevance here, as noted in the Model Code of Ethics. I would want to hold a conference with principal, family, and school counselor to see what other options may be implemented to get the student to and from school safely, without the hassle, harassment, and abuse from the gang members.
The Professional Disposition of Learners also entails honesty, compassion, and advocacy; therefore, the educator must uphold these principals, and be honest about what he or she has heard, appropriately advocate for the student, and seek professional help as needed. Additionally, the involvement of Child Protective Services may need to be alerted, if a solution is not found, or guardians deny or do not see a need for intervention services, or a change in transportation methods to school.


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