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In college and your ever day lives, you will experience stressful situations (overwhelming work and school schedules, family responsibilities, work and school demands, etc…). Your success in handling these situations depend on two skills:
Stress tolerance: the ability to recognize the cause of your stress and to respond in appropriate ways while under pressure.
Impulse control: the ability to think carefully about your consequences prior to reacting and to accept delayed gratification when working toward long-term goals.
In 200 words, describe a situation where you reacted with defensiveness, anger, sadness, annoyance, resentment, or humiliation. Think about what you said or did in response to your feelings, and why. What can you do next time, to take control and make good choices, when you are faced with a potentially volatile situation?
How do you think EI (Emotional Intelligence) contributed to your actions?
post it on 3/8, at 4pm


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