English homework help

English homework help. Watch the YouTube video – Evaluating Websites.  This short video describes how to evaluate and compare websites you have found while doing research for your Module One essay.
Watch VideoEvaluating WebsitesDuration: (2:38)
User: anteater2112 – Added: 6/2/08YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMb0_5pI-u4
Before you answer the questions below, read the following about bias and point of view:
Point of view or bias reminds us that information is rarely neutral. Because data is used in selective ways to form information, it generally represents a point of view.

  • Every writer wants to prove his point and will use the data and information that assists him in doing so.
  • When evaluating information found on the Internet, it is important to examine who is providing the “information” you are viewing, and what might be their point of view or bias.
  • If you are looking at products produced and sold by that corporation, remember: you are looking at an advertisement.
  • If you are reading about a political figure at the Web site of another political party, you are reading the opposition.
  • Does this document reside on the Web server of an organization that has a political or philosophical agenda?
  • If you are looking for scientific information on human genetics, would you trust a political organization to provide it?
  • Never assume that extremist points of view are always easy to detect. Some sites promoting these views may look educational.
  • Remember that anyone can purchase an .org Website.


  1. List the URL (Website address) of a source you are using for your Module One essay.   After consideration, is this a good source to use in your college paper? Why or why not? Explain.
  2. Respond to a classmate – look at the source your classmate has selected. Explain why you believe this is or is not a good source to be used in a college paper.

English homework help


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