English homework help

English homework help.

First, review the handout on engaging a text for source support in academic writing: Paragraph Structure with Use of Text – 101 New.docx
Please complete a body-style paragraph around a specific main point that connects to and can be supported by one of your research articles related to your topic or issue (this should be 1 body paragraph from your outline -> either a cause, effect, or solution paragraph). The paragraph should integrate a paraphrase or a quote from the article (in the middle 1/3 of paragraph). A paraphrase is a unique restatement of a short passage from the article (usually 1 or 2 sentences in length) and often benefits if you ‘restructure’ the sentence -> move info/phrases around. A quote must use quotation marks properly and use exact wording unless brackets or an ellipsis is used to show modifications to the quote. Both instances of source use must include proper in-text citation.
After choosing a passage to paraphrase, create a PIES paragraph that successfully integrates a paraphrase of the passage using proper in-text citation:
(P) Present point by creating a topic sentence that ‘connects’ or ‘sets up’ the source support (its point) in some way. In some sense the topic sentence can ‘echo’ the idea, but try to present a point that is ‘yours’.
(I) Immediately develop the idea by analyzing and explaining the idea (a few sentences).
(E) Engage the source -> provide an signal phrase, integrate the paraphrase/quote, address the meaning/use, and (#) if needed.
(S) Summarize by closing out the paragraph with a return to your main idea and analysis (a few sentences).
Remember that:
Use of text involves three steps: provide attribution, proper paraphrase, and address of the idea/info.
***The paragraph should be at least 1/2 page in length and achieve the above aspects for full credit (guidelines on the above handout as well)***
Only need to write one paragraph around half page and topic is still alcohol using
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English homework help


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