English homework help

English homework help. To close the quarter, each student will have to create and present a proposed school organization/club. Your organization/club will have to have regular meetings and events, and offer the members, and student body as a whole, programs/services that will help ‘deal with’ or solve the issue it is engaged in.
-What is the goal and mission of your club/org? How will you achieve them?
-Who the members of your org/club? How will you get them to join?
-What will happen at the meetings? How often will you have them?
-What sort of events might your org/club hold? What activities (on campus or off)?
-What will some of the programs/service be that are offered through your club/org? How will members/students benefit from the club/org?
The original reply to this discussion prompt should be 300 words

English homework help


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