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Speech 5: Rhetorical Analysis
Time Range: 5-7 Minutes
Typed Outline Due Day of Presentation
Speech Artifact: (found on Americanrhetoric.com):
Steve Job’s Commencement Address at Stanford University
The purpose of this speaking assignment is to start the process of critically observing,
interpreting, and evaluating speeches for their eloquence (or lack thereof) happening in the polis
[public sphere(s) of life]. At a minimum, your speech should be 5 – 7 minutes in length. Visual aids
are not required.
1. Your intro should provide a rationale/justification for WHY the speech you chose is
significant/noteworthy or worthy of study, your thesis statement (the rhetor and text you analyzed),
and your working/operational definition of “eloquence”.
2. The first main point might identify/describe the context (historical moment, cultural
zeitgeist) in which the speech was deployed. This means describing the environment in detail
(audience members, speaker, where the speech was delivered, and any other aspects of the situation
that may have enriched the speech).
3. A second main point MAY include: the central idea and purpose of the speech act. What
was it that the rhetor/speaker was trying to get across to her/his audience? Was the rhetor (in your
opinion) effective in accomplishing her/his goals? What is the proof for your argument that the
rhetor was successful or unsuccessful; eloquent or ineloquent?
4. A third main point might discuss types of eloquent language used in the speech and the
proofs used (deductive/inductive reasoning, pathos, logos, ethos, etc.).
5. Other OPTIONAL areas to explore might include: visual aids the rhetor may/may not have
used, nonverbal gestures, and how these helped or hindered the rhetorical eloquence & appeal.
6. Make sure that you conclude by summarizing your findings on eloquence.
Have fun and be critical!


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