English homework help

This assignment should answer the following questions:
– What is eloquence?
– What makes a speaker eloquent?
– What are steps you can take to become a more eloquent speaker?
Each question should be answered in enough detail to demonstrate you have taken the time to critically think about, and craft your working definition of eloquence. Ensure your definition is clear and detailed.
In preparation of your next speech analysis, you will have to determine what eloquence means to you.
The goal of this assignment is that through creating your own definition, you will better be able to critically analyze the focus of your next speech.
You are encouraged to use sources to inspire you as you create your definition. This does not mean to copy and paste the definition established by another source. Any and all sources used in your assignment must be properly cited in the text and on a reference page.
This assignment should be a minimum of a ½ page in length, and no longer than two full pages. The font should be size 12, Times New Roman, and double spaced.


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