English homework help

English homework help. A research paper in APA FORMAT, 7 pages including cover and references page, Minimum of 8 references. Present a proposal for a teen weight loss group (BY GROUP I MEAN LIKE A AA MEETING THAT IS GROUP MINE WILL BE A WEIGHT LOSS GROUP TEENS AGES 13-18!!!).
All stages of a group should be covered. Be creative. All things to be covered in the paper is listed below
1. Develop a proposal for meetings for a group about weight loss to meet the needs of a specific population which would be people trying to lose weight. Description of the meetings should cover all stages of the group process.
2. Research and review existing human service or social work literature on the needs of the population you plan to serve (weight loss FOR OVERWEIGHT TEENS )
3. Research and review literature on how group work services have been used in the past with this population. Has it been effective? support your answer with research.
4. Develop a plan for how the group would be formed. who is your target audience ( which would be TEENS who struggle to lose weight) how would you recruit members? how would you market the group (how would you make the public aware that you exist) how many meetings would be included in the group work phase you are covering? ETC
5. Describe the work that takes place in each of the phases of the group. Describe what occurs with the facilitator, with the group members. Discuss the purpose of the group and the type of group that you have developed.
6. Develop and tell how you would evaluate each stage OF THE GROUP PROCESS.

English homework help


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