English homework help

Question1: Annotate each article(5 articles)
–Label the main idea and supporting ideas for each one.
–Identify the purpose of the article–persuasive, explanatory, etc. Get very specific in your identification of the author’s purpose. Consider the options we talked about for the Trigger Warnings essay. Ask yourself which option you would choose for each one of the 4 articles:

  1. The author writes to share her position.
  2. The author wants her readers to learning something new.
  3. The author wants her readers to change their attitudes or beliefs.
  4. The author wants her readers to take action.

Question2: After you complete the reading and annotation assignment about the “work” themed collection of articles, write a 1-2 paragraph response to the following question:
Which of the 4 articles in the “Work” collection do you think is the most argumentative?
Your paragraph should meet the following criteria:

  • Explain your answer with specific textual evidence. Use in-text citations with the author’s last name and a paragraph number.
  • Use the P.E.E.L paragraph structurePreview the document handout to help organize and structure your ideas in your paragraph.
  • Be sure your paragraph is unified around the topic sentence/point. Eliminate any sentences or ideas that are not directly related to the question above and your response to it.


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