English homework help

Just need an outline and create a story, 200 words it’s fine.
Time Limit: 2-3 minutes
Written Component (20 points):  Turn in a full manuscript, notes or an outline of what helped you prepare for your final speech.  Your manuscript, outline or notes are to help you with practicing your speech, but when you deliver your speech your wording does not have to be exact to what you have typed out.  Your manuscript, outline or notes are meant to help you be strategic with the wording and to help give you familiarity with what you will say in front of the audience. During the speech I will be evaluating your delivery, not reading your manuscript. You do not need to organize your speech in the introduction, body, conclusion format.
Assignment:  Create a shared, sentimental speech that celebrates any person, invention, group, institution, or event.  In a ceremonial speech we share values and celebrate the qualities and achievement of our subject. Think of your subject as an example of all the qualities which would be admired by your audience and incorporate a theme into your speech. For example, if I were to celebrate my Grandmother, I would use the theme of dedication to family, persistence, and honesty to help describe what I admire about her.


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