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Personal Mantra Paper and Presentation
This assignment should also help you identify your own values. As I said in the introduction of this assignment there are enough people out there willing to tear you down so why take the time to do it yourself? Instead, you will come up with some positive values that describe who you really are as a whole and healthy human being. You are required to write a paper, make and show a visual representation and present it to the class.
As for the formatting of the visual representation is up to you, be creative. You could write it on a business card to keep in your wallet or frame it and hang it on your wall or paint it on your bathroom mirror or make it a screen saver.
The format for the presentation is simple, tell us the three values that best describe who you really are at your core. Here is what you need to include:

  1. You will start your mantra with, “I am a(n)…”
  2. Next you need to identify 3 values that describe you in your purest form.
  3. Your mantra will end with, “man, woman, person, human, dude, chick, or any other way you want to identify yourself.”
  4. For example, my personal mantra is, “I am a powerful, kind and patient woman.”

Think about categories like; personal appearance, personality, strengths, talents, values. There may be one value that you are striving to live more fully in your life, for me it is the value of empathy or nurturing.  If there is one you are not achieving currently you can include it in your mantra.
During your presentation, you will:

  1. Show us your mantra, either bring it with you or show us a picture if is too large or placed somewhere more permanent in your home.
  2. Then tell us the definition of each value. Be specific here, don’t just tell us the dictionary definition tell us what it means to you in a practical everyday sense.
  3. Give us one example from your life of how you have shown these values in the past or how you would like to show them in the future. Be super specific.

In addition to bringing the mantra you are also required to type up a paper that  follows the prompts below using Toulmin’s model,  submit the paper on canvas as a PDF or Word file, and to explain to the audience. You must turn in the paper before you speak, you may not read it to the class. Here is the format:
I am a(n) value, value and value (person/human/child/adult)

  1. Value
    1. Definition
    2. Example
  2. Value
    1. Definition
    2. Example
  3. Value
    1. Definition
    2. Example

It needs to be 1-2 pages long!

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