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For this assignment, you will write a proposal collaboratively with your group. Using the library services and the internet research tools, compile a bibliography of articles and books on a subject that interests you. Start by defining the subject and why you find it interesting or compelling. Create a reasonable real-world context for your proposal. Although you are free to choose your own subject, you may consider one of the three listed below:
1. We have decided to start a non-profit organization in our community to train young men and women in a particular trade—computer repair, software development, computer literacy, African dance or art, etc. Write a proposal in which you request funding from a well-known philanthropic organization for your project. What is the name of your non-profit? Who will be the primary beneficiaries if you are funded? What age group are you targeting and why?
2. Our company has decided to purchase tools to perform task A. Which make and model of the tool should we purchase, and from which supplier should we buy it? For instance, our company has decided to purchase 10 multimedia computers. Which brand and model should we buy, and from whom should we buy them? Is leasing the tool a better option than purchasing?
3. Our company does not currently perform function X. Is it feasible to perform Function X? For instance, we do not currently offer daycare for our employees. Should we? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so? What forms can daycare take? How is it paid for?
Assignment Objectives
 Learn how proposals are thought out, organized, and written.
 Understand what goes into a proposal and why it is important.
 To familiarize yourself with an essential tool that you may find useful in the future.
Preparing to Write the Proposal
1. Decide on a subject that interests you as a group.
2. Debate about the chosen subject among yourselves.
3. Conduct research collaboratively as a group.
4. Follow the writing process that we discussed in class.
Formatting Requirements
 Follow the sample proposals in your text, but feel free to use any other formatting style that suits your subject.
Submission Requirements/Deliverables Submit the following:
1. Outline
2. The Proposal
3. Works Cited


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