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The Private Archive (Using existing images)
Look at family photo albums from you own family or from someone else’s family if yours didn’t keep an album. Speak to the families. Do the photographs show something different than the family narrative? Compare family albums. Think about what they show, but also what they don’t show. Create an album of your own, with 12-to-15 repurposed images found in the family albums. Consider the ethical implications of the visual narrative you are creating. Whose story are you telling and how are you telling it? In a 250-to-400-word essay discuss what you found in the original album and how that narrative has been transformed by the album you created.
Alex in the blue shirt
8 years old
Alex at 15 years old
In high school
Alex 20 years old at the college.
Adam 3 years old
Adam in the left 6 years old
In the right is saad 14 years
Sarah 8 months
Sarah in the left next to hana holding lana
Hana 5 years old
Sarah 3 years and 8 months years old
Hana 9 years old
Sarah 6 years old


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