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Speech 3: Commemorative
Purpose:  The purpose of this speech assignment is for you to choose a topic that you find interesting and learn how to use language effectively for concise, commemorative speaking.
Objective:   This speech should be an original effort to share with a moment of personal celebration with your audience.  Choose a commemorative speech type– this can be a graduation speech, eulogy, toast, wedding speech, award acceptance, etc.  Now choose a topic! Do you want to commemorate yourself, a family member, a concept, etc? The objective is to creatively commemorate your topic.  (Ex: A eulogy for fear, racism, capitalism or insecurity, or a family member or bad habit.  You can give a toast at your sister’s wedding or your own wedding vows to yourself or a partner—the partner can be a person or a concept like confidence or hope!) Have fun! This speech should help us to use effective language and a concise time frame to captivate and share with an audience. It should also be an opportunity to practice LISTENING. Again, be creative! Remember, this speech is also open to poetry, creative writing, or whatever niche way you can deliver it. Be sure to have a clearly flowing speech that has a traditional beginning, middle, and end structure.
The speech should be interesting, well organized, and fun.

  1. Speech must have some clear organization.


  1. Speeches must have a least one example of using language creatively (simile, metaphor, personification, etc). Feel free to incorporate more!



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