English Literature 3 Pages Paper

1) What is meant by the saying “Education is the second key to freedom” that Jose’s first schoolteacher scribbles across the blackboard in the film, Sugar Cane Alley? What is the first key? And does education always ensure or lead to freedom? What are the two different kinds of education Jose gets in this film (one “official” education, the other “unofficial” from Mr M.edouze)? How does the film treat these different types of educational models and the different kind of knowledges that these each impart to Jose? Is one better than the other? Are both necessary to secure “freedom”? Is there a third kind of “knowledge” —the kind that Carmen possesses? How is his type of education/knowledge contrasted to Jose’s? And finally, is Leopold getting an entirely different type of “education” after his father disowns him? What kind of action does his knowledge (education) in the reality of his situation (father disowning him)—lead to? Has your view or understanding of the value of education changed in any way as a result of watching this film? What roles do women play in this film vis a vis this theme of education? Is Ma Tine a kind of teacher/role model for Jose? What about the woman “Flora” at the movie theatre window? What does she “teach” the young Jose? Does he accept her “knowledge”?
Give me as comprehensive and detailed an answer as possible, full of details, spoken dialogue, etc. STUDY the film!
Read and watch those sources to provide quotations when arguing
– Cesaire poem, Return to Native Land
-Sugar-Cane Alley (Martinique) (Call Number: DVD NO.1412: SUGAR CANE ALLEY)
Fire (India) (Call Number: VT NO.4769: FIRE)
Also, watch and use those Videos
Euzhan Palcy at London Film Festival 2018 | Keep It Real
Filmmaker in Focus: Euzhan Palcy
NB: provides quotations when arguing


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