Environmental science homework help

Environmental science homework help.

Essay Question Set #2 Prompt:
Through many of the lectures in this first half semester, you have been introduced to the topic of industrialization and its impacts on cities and people. In all cases, industrialization transforms places both rural and urban. At times the industrial evolution of cities can be seen as either negative or positive.
Sub-question 1: Describe the early impacts of the Industrial Revolution on cities of Europe or the northeast USA with respect to livelihoods, urbanization, housing and quality of life?
Sub-question 2: How do the early European sociologists (Tonnies, Weber, Durkheim and Simmel) view the evolution of cities and associated social relations with respect to industrialization?
Sub-question 3: What benefits to urban life and livability have been introduced by industrialization and new technologies? Have there been unexpected consequences to city life (either as benefits or detriments) brought on by new technologies and new urban forms? ?
Provide reading/lecture citations and any examples you like in illustrating your answers to these three sub-questions.

Please respond directly to one of the essay question sets provided below. Type the question number and essay questions at the top of your essay. Use the readings, lectures and any other course materials in support of your answers. We will be looking for evidence of your ability to synthesize material across the semester thus far. Your writing should be structured in standard essay format with an introductionbody, and conclusion. (Points will be deducted if you do not provide introductory and concluding statements). Make sure your name and student ID number is at the top of the sheet, along with the essay question number. Please single space your paper, with a minimum of 1” margins all around. Use Calibri (or equivalent) at a minimum of 11 pt font size. Your essay should be between 1000 and 1500 words in lengthYou should succinctly cite the readings and lectures where you can; without the need for a full bibliographic citation, e.g. (Diamond, p.16); (Larice Lecture, 12 February 2020). Respond to all of the sub-questions within the question set below; devoting similar amounts of writing to each. 

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Environmental science homework help


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