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what would your response be to this statement
“The Clean Air Act(1970) was a positive and necessary decision for all communities. The fact that acid rain, nitrogen oxide, and other air pollutions were reduced. means the Act has been overall successful. Just like anything else it could be better if they had the proper funding to accomplish everything they need to. The Clean Air Act( of 1970) is protecting natural resources has also been essential in the survival of many communities., and environments. Clean water also being given to certain areas is pertinent for the ability of any area to thrive. Clean Air is needed by humans and animals alike in order to be healthy. Plantlife requires healthy oxygen to produce crops. Air is literally one of few things we cant not like without so it is important that we all do our part in reserving things precious resources for our sake and future generations. End of week five we did it. Good luck with the rest of your educational journey.”


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