Government homework help

Government homework help.

                                              INFANT CHILD DEVELOPMENT
Answer the following question.
Part 1: Make connections between the CA Title 22 licensing requirements and the infant toddler program guidelines.
-Review CA Title 22 Infant Care Center Licensing Requirement
-Review Chapter 5- Guidelines for Operating Infant Toddler Programs (PDF below)
-Write a 2 page reflection paper identifying three or more direct connections between the infant and toddler care licensing requirements and the information in the Program Guidelines. Be sure to include the name of the source and page number when you are citing evidence. Specifically, you will…
Choose at least 3 licensing regulations (from link above). For each licensing regulation, you must include:
-State the name and number of the regulation.
-How is this regulation supported by the program guidelines we have           studied?
-Why is this regulation important?
-What are the potential challenges or difficulties you think might occur around implementing this regulation in an early care environment?
-How might you address or implement this regulation in a care setting?
Part 2: Create a parent communication artifact to share licensing regulations and practices with parents in a manner that is respectful, reciprocal, and relationship-focused.
-Using the reflection paper from Part 1 as inspiration, create a parent communication artifact. Your goal is to communicate your care center’s rules and practices that are connected with the licensing regulations that you identified. This can be a flyer, newsletter, handout, or other form of written communication.
-In your communication, you must:

  •      -List and describe all of the licensing regulations and sub-topics you included in your reflection paper.
    • -Clearly identify your child care center’s rules and practices that are connected to these regulations and explain why   they are important. What does this look like to a parent and why should they care?
    • -Make several suggestions for ways that parents can ask questions, provide feedback, and voice their opinions about these rules and practices.
    • -Use simple, straightforward language that all parent’s can access.
    • -Your communication should be visually attractive and free of errors in spelling and grammar.
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Government homework help


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