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From the perspective of a student functioning as a healthcare policy expert (not as an attorney) to policy-makers at a local, state or national level, please prepare a health policy analysis composed and written consistent with Chapter 14 of the text. In the Discussion Board Initial Post, please focus on defining the problem consistent with text Chapter 14.
For those interested in the legal aspects, recognize that the Discussion Board does not call for a legal analysis – just a health policy analysis.  Also recognize that litigation involving the Affordable Care Act is extremely complicated and is pending in a federal trial court in Texas on remand from the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and also before the US Supreme Court on collateral issues.  Here are some sources that will get you started if the legalities are of interest:
Texas v. United States, Memorandum Opinion and Order entered by the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division, Case Number 4:18-cv-00167-O, is the December 14, 2018, Memorandum Opinion and Order declaring the Individual Mandate of ACA unconstitutional and the remaining parts of the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.
On December 18, 2019, the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals issued an Opinion concluding the individual mandate is unconstitutional and remanded the case to the US District Judge.
Both documents can be found below.
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