Health And Human Science

Health And Human Science. 1. Form the question of recurring concern: What should be done about obesity ? 
This question can be finalized before or after your group engages in the research. Be sure this problem fits the criteria for a recurring concern (and is not primarily a technical problem.) Criteria for recurring concerns include:
i. Complex problem related to health and wellbeing
ii. Difficult to solve
iii. Occurs from generation to generation
iv. Value-based
v. Multiple perspectives and contextual factors need to be considered in order to fully understand the problem
vi. May move toward a resolution resolved through reflective thought/action (but never solved once and for all)
vii. Solutions to address the concern may vary across generations
The rubric for this question is
Identified question of   recurring concern
In-depth explanation telling   why this is a recurring concern (i.e., identified at least 3 criteria and connected   to group’s definition).

Health And Human Science


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