Healthcare Finance

Healthcare Finance. Week 8 Questions
Answer the following questions in a 3-page paper.
Discuss the advantages/disadvantages of conventional budgeting versus zero-based budgeting.  Is one more useful during economic downturns?  During economic upturns? Page 1
What are the differences in purpose between a traditional budget and a cash budget? Page 1
Canada’s government Healthcare system had early problems, how was it solved.  Do you see problems arising from the solution?  Page 2
Briefly describe the planning process in healthcare organizations. Be sure to include summaries of the strategic, operating, and financial plans. Page 2
If you were the CEO of Bayside Memorial Hospital, would you advocate a top-down or a bottom-up approach to budgeting? Explain your rationale. Page 3
Explain the relationships among the static budget, flexible budget, and actual results. Page 3

Healthcare Finance


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