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Questions for Incidents in the Life of A Slave Girl
History 130 ONLINE
The purpose of these questions is two-fold.  First, you must convey through your answers that you have done the assigned reading.  Second, you must be able to convey an understanding of  what you have read.

  1. First, identify the author’s objective (thesis) and the intended audience.  How and  why are these two things important?  How do they influence or direct her narrative?  This is found at the very beginning of the book!


  1. Dr. and Mrs. Flint are obviously central to the novel.  Each developed differently over the course of the book.  How were Dr. and Mrs. Flint characterized when first introduced?  How did Linda “feel” about the Flints and how did her impression of each alter as the story unfolds?  Did she identify with or sympathize with them?  What insight, if any, does this give you on the master-slave relationship?  Give specific evidence directly from the book.


  1. Jacobs claimed that, “slavery is a curse to the white as well as the black” population.  Why does

she think this was so?  How did she illustrate or prove her claim?   Further, what affects does Jacobs claim slavery had on whites?  Give specific evidence directly from the book.

  1. As Harriet and her companion see the sun rise over northern soil she stated that as they looked upon the land they, “supposed themselves to be free.”  What did Jacobs mean with this statement?  According to Jacobs, did this statement prove true?  Why or why not?  Give specific evidence directly from the book.


  1. Jacobs claimed that, “slavery is terrible for men, but it is far more terrible for women.”  Why did she think this was so? How did she prove her claim in the narrative?  How were women (both black and white) affected by slavery? Give specific evidence directly from the book.



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