History homework help

History homework help. GUIDELINES
TOPIC: Save the Future: Reconnecting youth to traditional food-base recipes: Food Innovation Strategy to Curb Food Insecurity in  Africa (Community of your choice)

  • BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY (geography, political/governance, history, demographics etc.), what is already known about the community (through literature and your own experience.


  • WHY THIS CASE ? why is your topic important. Overview of selected topic, (wise practice or sustainable diet), position the topic within the larger context of literature (big picture- bring key literature and show how it reaches out to International) . Explain the reason for selection/ Why did you pick this case?


  • PURPOSE OF MY CASE STUDY : Suggested script: The purpose of my case study is to (understand/explore/describe/develop/ discover/ the (central phenomenon being studied i.e. wise practice/sustainable diet) for (the participants, such as the community/organizations/residents etc. (of your choice) at/in (research site).


  • RESEARCH QUESTIONS: Four research questions : Specific questions that narrow the focus of the study (be specific, questions are inter-related and help address the purpose together, last question should be related to recommendations to improvement in community food through wise practices/sustainable  diet).


  • LITERATURE MAP: Three themes as they relate to research questions- deficiency under each theme, key literature is covered.


  • RESEARCH METHOD: Details on selection of Sites participants/communities: (includes reason for selection of respondents for interviews), highlight special interest features on sites/study communities based on past research/personal experience, Rationale for selection of sites/study communities are provided, provide map/visuals/photographs as appropriate.


  • SIGNIFICANT RESEARCH (How could the study add to the literature ?) : Brief description on how the proposed study will remedy or address:


  • a) How could the study add to the literature in four ways (based on gaps identified in the literate map.


  • b) Help your study communities to deal with their food security/traditional food system revitalization or traditional food sovereignty issues in three  ways

One paragraph for each question  except literature map
            Literature map: one page

History homework help


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