Human Resource Management homework help

Human Resource Management homework help. EMPLOYEE RIGHTS/SAFETY
Assignment Overview
(Signature Assignment: Critical Thinking, Introduced Level)
Compliance and the HR Functions
Before starting this assignment, be sure that you are familiar with what is meant by “critical thinking.”
Critical thinking is one of the five key rubric criteria by which your assignments are graded. Therefore, you are expected to demonstrate evidence of critical thinking in all assignments. For an overview of critical thinking, first read the Kurland article and then review the chart and watch the video:
What is Critical Thinking? (2012) Retrieved from
Foundation for Critical Thinking (2015). Our Concept and Definition of Critical Thinking. Retrieved from
Kurland, D. (2000). What is critical thinking? Critical Reading. Retrieved from
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. (2014) A must-have chart featuring critical thinking skills. Retrieved from
For this assignment, review the following:
HR Hero. (2017). Employment at Will. Retrieved from
HR Hero. (2017). USERRA (The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act).
U.S. Department of Agriculture (n.d.) IRCA Antidiscrimination Provisions. Retrieved from
Case Assignment
You will explore the topics below and how they impact the private sector (not the public sector) workplace:
• Employment at Will Doctrine
• Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA)
Address the following in a 5 to 6-page paper (not counting the cover page, references page and Appendix), supporting your arguments with citations to sources from the course and your research. Use at least 7 credible Online Library sources, plus any applicable background readings to support your discussion.
1. Provide a half-page summary of Employment at Will Doctrine, IRCA, and USERRA. Include these summaries together in one Appendix at the end of your paper.
2. Discuss how major Human Resource Management functions are impacted as you discuss the following:
o Examine employment at will and its exceptions. Explain the exception that has had the greatest impact on the private sector workplace.
o Discuss the one most important change you see is needed to the IRCA and explain your reasoning.
o Review USERRA and detail its positive and negative impacts on the private sector workplace.

Human Resource Management homework help


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