Human Resource Management homework help

Option #1: Union Elections
Union membership percentages have declined dramatically in the last century, though there are still thousands of employees and businesses that struggle to be productive within the union environment. The Communication Workers of America had several adversarial negotiations in 2017, including with organizations such as Verizon, AT&T, and others. As a Human Resources professional, you may be asked to be a part of a contract-negotiation process. For this assignment, examine best practices for relationship building and develop a strategy that would help foster a win/win culture within the negotiation process. Make a 3- to 5-minute recording or video presenting your strategy. Include an introduction and cite your research.
Your recording or video should be 3-5 minutes in length. Include an introduction, and cite your sources.
You will either need to upload the video of you presenting your strategy, or send the link to the location of your video by copying and pasting it onto a Word document and upload this file to the Week 4 Assignment folder.
If you choose to send the link to your presentation via a Word document, include a brief note to your instructor regarding the link and any special instructions for viewing or accessing your project.
Screencast-omatic, Dropbox, or YouTube are some options you may want to use for your video.
Cite 3-4 sources (in addition to any of the assigned readings you use).


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