Human Resource Management homework help

Human Resource Management homework help. Resource: Signature Assignment: Strategic HRM Planning Scenario
Review the Week 5 Individual Knowledge Check.
Develop a strategic plan of 1,050 word or more for Global Plastics, Inc. Human Resource department to address the issues Janet discovered and achieve the goals outlined in the scenario. Your strategic plan should include all elements of a strategic plan and address the following:
Align each of the issues with the goals in the company’s strategic plan.
Establish metrics to measure attainment of each of the goals.
Evaluate how the strategy will address each issue identified in the scenario.
Tip: Identify each issue, consider them from an operation’s standpoint, explain why the issue is a problem, provide a recommended solution, provide the rationale for the proposed solution, provide a metric to measure progress for each issue/solution. Tie this back to the overall HR and organization strategic plan. Keep in mind HR concepts/principles and employment law.
Include a minimum of 3 sources to support your work comprised of the course text and 2 peer reviewed journal articles (see Announcements section for definition of a peer reviewed journal source). Government and professional organization websites are good sources but will be considered as additional sources to the 3 required.
Cite all sources according to APA formatting guidelines. Sources are not required, but will be accepted.
Format the paper to APA standards. There is a template in the Announcements section to help with proper formatting of the cover page. There is another handout posted in the Announcements section that has the main general rules of APA.
Submit your assignment by the posted due date/time.
Submit your assignment.

Human Resource Management homework help


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