>Human Resource Management homework help

  1. Create a chart with rows and columns to establish the following requirements of discrimination under the law in the following areas at the top:
    • Title VII Gender Discrimination in Employment Practices
    • Sexual Harassment Based on Hostile Work Environment
    • Quid-Pro-Quo Sexual Harassment
    • Sexual Orientation in the Workplace
    • Along the left side of the chart, create the following rows:
    • Requirements to Prove Under the Law
    • Ways Employers can Minimize Liability
    • Recent Case Example
    • Complete the chart for each section.
      Explain in 350 to 525 words the requirements of each type of potential gender discrimination.
      Explain in 350 to 525 words the specific ways employers can minimize liability for each type of gender discrimination.
      Research and include a relevant case to illustrate each type of gender discrimination.
      Format your citations and references consistent with APA guidelines.


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