Human Resource Management homework help

Correlate your job responsibilities with the eight-week online course outcomes listed above. Should be Minimum 250 Words please.
Course Objective:  
· The four goals of Human Resource Management.
· The main components of the Civil Rights Act of   1964 (1991)
· The repercussions associated with unethical   decision-making practices within the
organization (for example, hiring, firing,   promoting, and harassing employees)
· The repercussions associated with unethical   decision-making practices outside the
· organization (for example, corporate social   responsibility, and environmental protection)
· Explain strategic recruiting decisions regarding   employment branding, outsourcing, and
other related issues.
· Identify key concerns that must be addressed when   designing work unit/team variable
pay plans.
· Outline the basic provisions of the Occupational   Safety and Health Act of 1970 and
recordkeeping and inspection requirements.
· Explain the provisions of each of the major U.S.   labor laws and recognize the impact of
· these   laws and National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rulings on nonunion   workplaces.
Job Description
· As an Oracle ERP Test Lead was responsible for managing 6 resources who were part of the testing team
· Able to extract back end data using SQL/Toad queries
· Developed new test plans for database application support
· Experience in Web Services testing using Rest and SOAP UI
· Involved in Integration testing using various SOA Middleware.
· Selected the Test Cases to be automated and performed functional testing of the front-end using Selenium (IDE and Web Driver) & created Data Driven framework using JUnit
· Flow Testing for SCM Modules (AR, AP, OM, CM, INV, PO, GL) to make sure flow is working without any issues
· Reviewed database test cases according to assigned Requirements to validate reports by retrieving data with complex SQL queries from oracle database
· Written Standard test scripts for Oracle Order to Cash O2C Modules and Procure to Pay P2P Modules
· Tested EDI Batches from OTM to Oracle
· Maintain detailed documentation and process flow of all EDI processes
· Tested database objects like tables, views, sequences using SQL/PLSQL
· Done Field by Filed comparison of OTM and Oracle Data
· Responsible for Test Plan Preparation, Test Strategy Preparation, Team Meetings Facilitation, Defect Tracking Facilitation, Report bugs, etc.
· Analyze, design, prototype, configure, test, document, and implement new or modify existing software to support various business processes.
· Learn overall business operations and help develop innovative solutions to improve productivity
· Assist key users in testing new functionality, documenting and retaining ERP knowledge
· Documented testing results and updated the same for verification to the management
· Involved in developing Test Plans and Test cases for the entire functionality of the portal.
· Understanding and analyzing the Business functionality of existing systems of Issue to Resolve.
· Worked closely with Developers team for different issues
· Test a new enhancement for a Business Process
· Involved End to end testing for business process using all application tiers.


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