Edith Cowan College Australia
This assignment will assess your understanding of attack
tree methodology, your skills in the analysis of a concept
and your research ability into identifying methods by
which to compromise a specific entity.
A manager at an accounting firm has recently discovered
that a number of employees use various online social
networking services. In the interest of the employees you
have been hired by this firm to educate the employees on
ways in which their Facebook or Twitter account could be
compromised. The employees have basic to intermediate
computer skills. In addition, they are quite naive
regarding the security risks of using the Internet. A small
internal survey discovered that the majority of employees
do not use a personal firewall or anti-virus software on
their Windows 10 operating system. In addition, they all
use a Gmail email accounts to access Facebook or
Twitter. Thus you can assume that overall ideal cyber
security practices are not followed.
Using the background information draw a set of attack
trees that reflect your analysis of how you could
successfully compromise a Facebook or Twitter account.
In the context of this assignment, ‘compromise’ refers to
process of obtaining the user’s authentication credentials,
obtaining the data within these online services, possessing
the ability to misuse these online services for your own
personal gain, or simply spying on the private content
within these accounts. The manager is interested in all
ways in which the account could be compromised.
The submission must be a Microsoft Word document. The
diagrams may be produced using any software product
but must be converted and inserted into the Microsoft
Word document. All diagrams and text must be
incorporated into one document. Assignments that are not
in the specified format will not be marked. To
demonstrate your research ability you must adequately
reference each of the attack methods you have identified.
It is recommended that you place the ‘in-text’ reference
within each node of the attack tree.


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