Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help.

1. Perform the following calculations. Given that we are working with a network with an access delay of 1.75 seconds and a transfer rate of 500,000 bits per second calculate the communication time for the following (30%): SHOW YOUR CALCULATIONS.
A. The time needed to send 1,000 messages where each message is 2,000 bits long.
B. The time needed to send one message which includes 2,000 records – each record is 1,000 bits long
C. Explain the cause of the difference (if any).
2. Using SQL-type statements, Fragment the Premiere Products Parts table so that (30%):
all Parts located in warehouse 1 form a fragment named Warehouse1,
all Parts located in warehouse 2 form a fragment named Warehouse2 and
all Parts located in warehouse 1 form a fragment named Warehouse3.
3. In your own words – describe a two-tier and three-tier architecture. What do you see as the main difference in structure? Include a description of a fat client. The responses should be in the order of 350+ words. (20%)
Writing Org/Clarity/Spelling/APA (20%)
No more than 20% of the narrative portion of the submission may be quoted, original content is required.
Submit the response in a word compatible document.

Information Systems homework help


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