Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help.  
Organizational Behavior
Create a 2-3 pages document about

  1. How did your practicum experience change and/or reinforce your views and assumptions about the Organizational behavior course material relative to your work and application process?
  2. What have you learned during your practicum (on the job)?
  3. How have your abilities in this area changed?
  4. What more, if anything, to you want to learn?
  5. What benefits have you gained from your practicum in terms of your career and/or personal goals?
  6. Please describe any other elements of your practicum experience you would like to reflect upon.

Use the below answers for your reference and create a 2-3 pages document for above 6 questions.
Example Document:
What did you accomplish this week? How has what you are learning in your current course assisted with this?
what I have learned in my course has helped me a lot in this week, at my work. due to my understanding of how to deal with employees and how to mitigate the difference to increase the productivity of the work, has enabled me to focus and improve the work. While my efforts to have more comfortable connection with my superiors and managers have increased with the understanding to smooth communications and high, sincere aims.
What did you apply and how did you apply it?
I applied my learning of individual differences approach to work and observed that most of the employees belonged to different backgrounds. They had different mindsets and different approaches to problems. I tried to reduce the differences and work on the common goals. Increase the affiliation with more social progress and tried to increase my need of power by influencing others.
Were there problems encountered with job assignments or your work environment?  What were your efforts towards resolution?
Although, I had little work assignments this week, but the one I got was not difficult. I was able to work on it due to my ability to understand it perfectly and need to perform excellent. I wish to increase my reputation in the eyes of the upper management by performing above the scale, therefore, I kept the differences of opinions aside and worked with few other fellow employees and produced and excellent work. My seniors were happy and told me to look forward for rewards. I was happy and content on in this week’s progress.
Directly connect course related content to this week’s experiences at work.
In this week, I was allowed to work on an international project which involved a launch. I was excited and work hard. Since the project was my first international project, I learned a lot in terms of communication with foreign people, methods of making others follow orders and conveying my ideas. I learned different tools and used them perfectly. I learned about the importance of the project timeline and completed the work on the designated timeline.

Information Systems homework help


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