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Forum Reply 1: 100–125 words with reference. Professional and Critical reply.
Discussion question:
What can we do to make passwords a stronger authentication mechanism. (Consider length, complexity, character sets, challenge response etc — anything but cards, tokens and biometrics).
Forum Discussion:
A view consists of a restricted set of columns from one or more tables. That said, views may be used to control what columns a user may see when retrieving data from a database. Views are excellent for this purpose due to their ease of creation compared to other mechanisms (e.g. shadow tables) (Chapple, 2019). They also provide a layer of abstraction since they allow users to see data in one or more tables without giving them access to the tables themselves. Adding onto this, views can hide more complicated aspects of the tables from end users who have no need to access them (Chapple, 2019).
Chapple, M. (2019, October 14). Controlling Data Access With Views in SQL. Retrieved March 4, 2020, from
Reply needed for discussion:


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