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The Case Assignment for this module is about understanding the development of IT strategies that support and are supported by business strategy in a global economy. Given the large amount of investment in IT, companies need to receive high IT business value. To do that, a good IT strategy is essential especially when doing business in various parts of the world.
Review the The Global Information Technology Report 2016 with its focus on innovating in the digital economy.
In this document faculty at Cornell University and INSTEAD have prepared a document to guide firms that want to compete using global technology.
Case Assignment
Using IT to compete on the world stage has become increasingly important in the global economy. Choose multiple industries and provide an example company for each industry in which IT plays a strategic role by adding value and providing a competitive advantage through innovative application of IT on the global stage and how these firms are meeting the concerns noted in the “Global Information Technology Report 2016.” 4- to 5-pages


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