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Management Information System
Midterm Examination
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[Chapter 1 Business Today]

  1. Young professionals struggle every day in taking care of babies and preparing meals for their family, while their jobs require long hours of working. You find this situation as a business opportunity to start a food delivery business for them.  For this business, actual food preparation is one part and managing food delivery is another part.  You begin to think to develop a web-based information system to manage food delivery and business operation with about 5 employees.  (4 points)


  1. What functions would the website and smart phone app of the information system need for food delivery and business operation? Provide necessary function names and their specifications.


  1. What technical (hardware and software) and non-technical (human and material) resources would need to run the food delivery business smoothly?

[Chapter 2 Global E-Business and Collaboration]

  1. In an enterprise company, you are assigned to lead a team to develop a web-based training software in six months. The team members are chosen from the top-level expertise in software development from different cities.  To work together remotely, you want to select a collaboration platform from: GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Google Sites.  Which platform do you want to select?  Why do you prefer that option?  What additional collaboration tool would you use to make up the lacking function of the chosen collaboration platform?  (4 points)

[Chapter 3 Information System and Organizational Strategies]

  1. Walmart’s continuous replenishment system senses the level of stocks in Walmart stores and make orders to the suppliers to replenish the items that will be depleted soon. (4 points)


  1. What are the benefits of implementing the continuous replenishment system from the perspective of stores, customer, and the suppliers?


  1. What strategies to deal with the Porter’s Competitive Forces are working by the replenishment system and why?

[Chapter 4 Ethical and Social Issues]

  1. A man was so anxious with his family in the starving situation and went ahead stealing some foods from a grocery store. In this situation, please answer the following questions.  (6 points)


  1. If you use Utilitarian Principle, will it be acceptable or wrong, and why?


  1. Using some other principle than the Utilitarian Principle, conduct ethical analysis as follows.
  • Facts:
  • Conflict or Dilemma:
  • Relevant Ethical principle:
  • Stakeholders:
  • Options to take:
  • Consequences of each option:
  • Conclusion:


  1. Whether ethically justifiable or not, we know that stealing is wrong anyhow. What would be the best course of action to mitigate your conscience and social justice, when the stolen foods are consumed already?

[Chapter 5 IT Infrastructure]

  1. A venture company made a successful start and has a high hope to grow in the future. To accelerate the response speed from the increasing website visits, the company is considering adding more web servers for the client website.  (4 points)


  1. What necessary technical and non-technical considerations should be made before establishing a server farm?


  1. The company can purchase the web servers and operate them in the company’s office or utilize the cloud service. Based on your consideration items above, which way would be better between these two options and why?



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