Information Systems homework help

EHR Simulations and the Health Information Exchanges (HIE)
Unit outcome addressed in this Assignment:

  • Describe what the EHR is and what it is not.
  • Differentiate between various models for health information exchange.
  • Identify the issues related to the development of health information exchanges.

Course outcomes practiced in this unit:
HI150-4: Articulate the key features of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Health Information Exchanges (HIE).
Assignment Part One: CAHIIM Virtual Lab Electronic Health Record Simulations and Springcharts Scavenger Hunt:
1.  Refer to the Unit 3 Assignment for additional information on accessing the CAHIIM VLab Simulations and SpringCharts EHR software applications.
2. Complete the following CAHIIM Lab Simulations as found under
***Make sure are at the Virtual Lab Simulations page found under the “Help & Support” tab.

  • CIOX Health ROI: Intro to eSmartlog
  • QuadraMed Master Patient Index (MPI): Introduction to SmartID
  • Solcom EDMS: EDMS Web Client

3. After completing each simulation, complete the appropriate quiz and obtain a screen shot of your quiz score.

  • Insert each of the screen shots into a Word document.

4.  In 2-3 paragraphs, answer the following questions and be sure to support your answers with an example:

  • How does the CIOX ROI eSmartlog software help the HIM Professional manage the Release of Information Process?
  • How does the QuadraMed MPI SmartID software assist the hospital in deterring duplicate patient name entries?
  • How does the Solcom EDMS organize patient record information?
  • Insert your answers into the Word  document.

5.  SpringCharts EHR Scavenger Hunt:  Utilizing the SpringCharts Software application that you downloaded to your computer in Unit 3, complete Scavenger Hunt on the provided worksheet.

  • Submit your Scavenger Hunt answer worksheet along with the separate Word Document on the CAHIIM Virtual Lab (VLab) simulations, to the Unit 8 Assignment Dropbox

Please be sure to download the file “Writing Center Resources” to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written assignments.
Assignment Part Two: Health Information Exchanges
For the second part of your assignment, research information regarding about current health IT initiatives and determine whether your state has an RHIO or other type of Health Information Exchange. Start by reviewing the Web Reading including the HIMSS sites. The HIMSS site provides information on Regional Extension Centers, HIMSS Davies Award recipients, Health Information Exchanges, State Legislation, and HIMSS Chapters.
Find any information pertaining to Health Information Exchange initiatives in your state. If there are none, choose another state that you are interested in. Choose any four initiatives to complete the assignment.
1. Using the listed data and other sources, create a table (constructed in WORD, Excel or PowerPoint) providing an overview of the initiatives indicating the following:

  • Name of the initiative
  • Location
  • Type of Initiative
  • A short description of their main focus.
  • See sample table below

2. In an accompanied narrative, describe in more detail each of the four initiatives. You may want to review their separate web site if one is provided.

  • What is the difference in the type of organizations that you provided?
  • What is their main goal and mission?
  • How does one organization perhaps work with another?
  • What role do the organizations play in the overall “future of the national health information superhighway?

Be sure to correctly cite any sources using APA guidelines.

  • Submit completed table and narrative in the Unit 8 Assignment Dropbox

Be sure to utilize the resources within Academic Tools to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written Assignments.
Your writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful. Your work should display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics. Furthermore, all sources used should be properly cited using APA formatting.
Submitting Your Work
Put your responses in a Microsoft Word document. Save it in a location and with the proper naming convention: username-Course Name-section-Unit 8_Assignment.doc (username is your University username, section is your course section, 8 is your Unit number). When you are ready to submit it, go to the Unit Dropbox
To view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Gradebook after your instructor has evaluated it. Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted project.


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