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Kirk (2016) provides numerous examples of interactivity, but our text is static. Interactive visualizations are an excellent tool when utilized in an appropriate environment. Find a news article that is less than five years old on the internet with interactive visualizations. Interact with the visualization. Interpret what the visualization is telling you.
Does the interaction add to the presentation and interpretation of the data, or is it beautification?
Does your interpretation deviate from what the author states? Why or why not? Be specific, provide examples.
Are there any assumptions that need to be met? Are they discussed?
Are there opportunities for misinterpretation, based on the presentation of data? Explain.
Make sure to include all references and citations. You should have more than one source, and the news article should be one of them!
Do not write a regurgitation of the article. Do not reference an interactive visualization generated for an example or tutorial.


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