Information Systems homework help

Each answer should be complete and respond to all parts of the question.  Each answer should be 400+ words each.  State your assumptions if needed.
The deliverable must be APA compliant and include at least two credible references for each question. No references to wikis, blogs and other unreliable sources.
All of your answers must be original and in your own words.  Do not include quoted material.

  1. Identify and describe four technologies developed and/or advanced by Amazon or Google and explain how each impacts society positively and negatively. At least one technology must be related to networks and at least one should be related to mobile technology. Indicate which technology is related to networks and which relates to mobile technology. (400 words)


  1. When making decisions about how to acquire hardware, software, or any other components of the IT Infrastructure, consideration is given to the following four characteristics of an IT infrastructure:


  • Dependable
  • Manageable
  • Adaptable
  • Affordable

Evaluate cloud computing in relation to each of these four criteria. (400+ words)

  1. Describe how applying big data technology to social media can be useful for: (1) a chain of fitness centers, (2) a large government agency, (3) an outpatient clinic and (4) a global online university.

Finally, summarize the negative aspects of applying social media data in this way and identify ways to mitigate these concerns. (400+ words)


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