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  1.     As an IT project manager for Intuit, Inc., you are responsible for leading IT projects that affect the entire company. You are in consideration for the project manager role for the new cloud-based applications project that your group is running. One of the tasks the c-suite would like to see prior to promoting someone to this position, is your use of communicating with the c-suite through a visual presentation. They would like you to review the company’s reports and demonstrate your ability to analyze and present project data.
    To access the company’s reports, follow these steps:

    1. Click MindTap Access in the Course Content section.
    2. In MindTap, navigate to Business Insights: Essentials.
    3. Search for “Intuit Inc.”
    4. Select Market Share Reports.
    5. Select two reports of your interest, and create two visuals (one for each report) that represent the information provided. For example, you could select the Tax Preparation Services Market report and use a pie chart to represent the market share.
      Write a 350-word justification summary in which you answer the following questions:
    • What type of visual did you select to present the information in each report?
    • How does the type of visual you selected support the information?
    • What tool(s) did you use to create these visuals?
    • How will these visuals be presented to the c-suite? (Email, presentation, etc.)
    • Why did you choose to use this type of communication to present the information to the c-suite?
    • Note: You may use any software or websites such as Lucidchart, Canva, MindTools, etc. to create the visuals.
      Cite all sources in APA format.
      Submit both your visuals and your justification summary.
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