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Pretend you are a curator for a museum. Your job to set up an exhibit of five artworks that speak to you, created by five different artists and share it with the class.
Reflect on all the art we’ve learned about this session. Select five of your favorite works of art from the session to include in your exhibition. You can also organize your collection by theme if preferred. Here are a few examples.

  • Same style
  • Same time period
  • Same or similar subject matter
  • Same unusual medium or unique artistic technique
  • Pieces that speak to you for some reason: aesthetic, political or social statement.

1. A curatorial statement. This is a brief introduction to your exhibit telling viewers what your exhibit is about. You must answer the following questions:

  • Why did you select these particular five pieces?
  • What connections did you make between these pieces? How do you hope viewers will make these connections?
  • What you want people to know about the pieces you chose and why you chose them.

2. An image of each of your five artworks. For each of the pieces, include the title, the name of the artist, media, dimensions, and the year it was created. These images must be cited using APA or Chicago Manual of Style format.
3. For each of your artworks, please write a short paragraph (3-4 sentences) that tells the viewer what the piece means to you and why you selected it. You can also include something a viewer wouldn’t know about the work of art from looking quickly.
Curatorial Statement15 points
Introduces exhibition with required components, and a precise, knowledgeable overview of description and interpretation with curatorial statement.
Images20 points
The works of art are correctly identified and cited.
Image Descriptions40 points
Descriptions provided are extremely accurate with a clear understanding of concepts and theories explained with depth and insight. Outstanding research is evident with connections made between work of art and historical context. The submission exceptionally depicts an understanding of the assigned topic with additional correctly synthesized information.


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