IT Related Questions (2)

Each answer should be complete and respond to all parts of the question.  Each answer should be 350+ words each.  State your assumptions if needed.
The deliverable must be APA compliant and include at least two credible references for each question. No references to wikis, blogs and other unreliable sources.
All of your answers must be original and in your own words.  Do not include quoted material.

  1. You have just been hired to work in a brand-new store that sells health and nutrition related products including vitamins, supplements, diet and energy products. You know the value of information systems and want to convince the owner (who knows only how to manage a vitamin store) that technology can help the business. List at least four business-related competitive strategies (not technologies) that will address the potential risks an organization may encounter as it strives to maintain or improve its position in the marketplace. Also, for each competitive strategy you identify, give an IT technology example that can apply to support that strategy in the business. (400+ words)


  1. Explain artificial intelligence, describe how it could be used in the battle against the Corona virus (no generic answers accepted) and discuss potential risks with its use (no generic answers accepted). (300-350 words)



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