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There are many different forms of leadership. Not one type is  necessarily the best form and not every form of leadership can be  adopted by all leaders. Ethical theories on how to respond to certain  instances vary. However, they are relevant for ethical leadership.  Leaders will develop their own personal leadership skills and may draw  from many ethical theories to do so.
“Some authors believed that a combination of ethical theories could  be the most relevant perspective for defining ethical leadership”  (Knights, 2006).
Unethical behavior amongst law enforcement is not as prevalent as  some people may believe. Just as it’s possible for an officer to go his  entire career without discharging his weapon in the line of duty; it is  possible for an officer to never witness unethical behavior from another  officer.
Unethical behavior within the department is something that is frowned  upon.  Recruits are taught what they should do or could do in the  academy if ever they encounter unethical behavior from another officer
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