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dring the semester, at your own pace, you are assigned to read Matt Richtel’s book, “A Deadly Wandering.” After reading the book, you should prepare a paper that does the following: 1) Describe your own personal experience(s) with the use of technology while driving,  2) Detail the three most surprising research findings that you encountered in the book, and, 3) Provide your own personal opinion and analysis of the results of the case detailed in the book. Did the legal system function in the best way? Were the outcomes too lenient or too harsh or just right? Why or why not? The paper should be about 5-10 pages and conform to the technical standards outlined above for the reaction papers. This paper is worth up to 110 points toward your final course grade. It can be submitted anytime during the semester on Brightspace but not later than the date specified on the class schedule shown later in this syllabus.


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