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Choose a media-covered topic ASSOCIATED WITH THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION that you’d like to watch-listen-read-write about. This can include other movements like #blacklivesmatter, #metoo, etc. Politics are connected to everything.
Find coverage of your topic from at least 3 of the following types of media outlets (you choose which 3). Provide a brief (one paragraph) description of the content you find, how information was presented, and what effect you think it might have on someone consuming it, or what meanings might be created by audience members. Feel free to include images because so much of mass communication is communicated via images. But you should also discuss music, sound, symbols, etc., if they apply.
IMPORTANT: Do you think the coverage SERVES THE PUBLIC INTEREST? Why or why not? End your paper with a paragraph explaining what information was consistent across the different coverage, and what information was different.
1. Left politically leaning Newpaper (can be online)
2. Center politically leaning Newpaper (can be online)
3. Right politically leaning Newpaper (can be online)
4. Visual content: Television/video (could be a TV show or film, an ad, public service announcement, etc.) Take a screenshot or provide the image (ad or whatever) that is representing your topic.
5. Non-USA based news source
6. Radio news or podcast
7. Online video, YouTube, etc. Something that isn’t specifically news.


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